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Equipment Quality Assurance and After-sales Matters
I. quality assurance
1. Our company guarantees the quality and reliability of the equipment purchased, and guarantees that it meets the technical performance targets promised by us. See the technical parameters of the equipment for details.
2. The whole machine is guaranteed free of charge for 24 months (hot pressing head and quartz strip are daily consumables, not within the scope of warranty), providing lifelong maintenance services.
II. Training on Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of Equipment
After the signing of the contract, our company will arrange technical personnel to train the buyer's personnel on daily maintenance, basic operation, screen maintenance and other free of charge. We will provide factory-style one-to-one LCD maintenance technical training service. One equipment has four training quotas.
Three. Technical support
The company promises to provide free technical support for customers after sales. The technical problems of LCD maintenance can be solved by online communication, telephone, video and so on. At last, we can send it to us by freight. We must respond to it if we need to change the parts. If we need to change the parts, only the cost of the parts is charged, the working hours are free, and the repair process explanations are attached, including the idea of maintenance, the process explanations and the attention. Matters and so on.
IV. Equipment Warranty
Guangzhou Chuangliyou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Party A)
Purchaser (hereinafter referred to as Party B)
We are here to talk about after-sales warranty does not mean that the quality of equipment is not good, many years of practice tells us that the failure rate of equipment is very low, can be safely used, need not worry! This is also where the vitality of the company lies. For the sake of fairness, we still elaborate on it.
1. Equipment parts are guaranteed for one year (except hot pressing head, quartz strip, etc.). In order to avoid unnecessary travel expenses and save time and effort, the whole parts are replaced by mail, which can be repaired by inserting connecting wires, or under the guidance of Party A. In special cases, Party A needs to be present to solve the problem. If the quality of the equipment itself is really a problem after inspection, Party A shall be responsible for all the expenses (food, accommodation, transportation) incurred at the door of the business trip (excluding the direct and indirect equipment caused by improper operation of Party B or man-made malfunction, or natural disasters such as rats, ants biting lines, water entry, lightning strikes, etc.). If Party B refuses to pay the expenses, Party A has the right not to repair them.
2. If the equipment is determined to be of its own quality, after the technical personnel of Party A have been on the spot for overhaul, the normal operation of the equipment is still not possible within three consecutive working days (the state's statutory working days). Party A unconditionally replaces the new equipment for Party B, and unconditionally bears all the travel expenses and transportation costs of the new equipment, but during this period, Party A shall pay for the equipment. Party A shall not be responsible for all economic losses (including business losses) caused by Party B.
3. After the warranty period, Party B's equipment fails, Party A must be obliged to help Party B maintain the equipment, and the damaged components can be replaced by mail. Party A will charge for replacing the components. If Party A needs to repair the components at home, Party A will pay for the (food, accommodation and travel) expenses of the engineers who arrange for the engineers to travel home. The international expenses are based on the valid bills presented by Party A (Note: If Party B needs Party A to be present on business trip, it is necessary to submit a deposit of 2,000 yuan for business trip first. After clear responsibility, it will be settled according to the actual expenses, and more or less compensation will be made).
Five. General provisions
1. Guangzhou Chuangliyou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LCD maintenance equipment. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure the efficient operation of after-sales service system and protect the rights and interests of users.
2. Both sides negotiate and sign the contract on specific and detailed matters.